Minimize Your

Maximize your life.

First…you need to make money.

Then…you need to make the most of it.

The Truth About Managing Money…

Most people just aren’t that good at it.






You Gotta Start Somewhere…


Big Mistake: Not following your budget
Bigger Mistake: Not having one to follow

THE FIX: Understand the positive-budget approach and build a budget that allows…READ MORE

Credit & Debt

Big Mistake: Taking on debt with no big-picture debt strategy
Bigger Mistake: Thinking you’re ok as long as you can make the payment

Saving & Investing

Big Mistake: Thinking you’ll save or invest whatever’s left over
Bigger Mistake: Gambling and thinking you’re investing


Big Mistake: Confusing cheaper with better
Bigger Mistake: Not having it at all

Big Purchases

Big Mistake: Listening to your heart more than your brain
Bigger Mistake: Trying to keep up with the (likely broke) Joneses


Big Mistake: Using the money you have set aside for it for other things
Bigger Mistake: Waiting until “later” to start setting aside money for it

Estate Planning

Big Mistake: Not understanding the basic rules of estate planning
Bigger Mistake: Not having a documented plan in place